Selected Work


Ode to Syphilis,” Agni

Butterflies,” The Missouri Review

Cognate,” American Poetry Review

Bout,” Winter Tangerine

Animal,” Wildness

Resurrection,” The Texas Review

The Gunman,” Glass: A Journal of Poetry

On Birth,” Muzzle Magazine

The UpStairs Lounge,” Tinderbox Poetry Journal

Calafia” & “Passing,” Rogue Agent

Joshua Tree,” Tahoma Literary Review

After Bobby Jindal Posed as White in his Portrait,” Cider Press Review

In Case of Fire, ” The Blueshift Journal

Imagined Letter to My Father from His Father,” & “You Told Me The Reason I Can’t Touch Your Hair,” The Good Men Project


Who’s Speaking? Italics in Bilingual Poetry,” Tahoma Literary Review Blog

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